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Better UAT Communication

Bugshot automatically captures UAT testers actions and testers can create in-line notes where problems occur. No more back and forth trying to understand where the problems was. 


Export Easily

Export generated test cases or defect documents as word documents - or leverage our prebuilt integrations into popular ALMs and defect tracking systems. 


Collaborate More Effectively

Full visibility into all testing activities allows teams to quickly identify issues and collaborate to solve problems faster.

Create Auditability of Testing

With the rich documentation that BugShot creates, there is no question of what has been tested. Steps and actions are captured in a list and supported with visual screen captures.

Capture Every Detail

Automatically capture critical testing information such as operating system, time, location and outcome
of each movement and click as well as every user interaction on mobile, web or desktop applications.


Why BugShot?

Save Time Now & Later

After testing documentation is created, import the results into the Bugshot platform and save them as test cases for future projects A testing document is created that can be imported to your tool of choice



What's inside?

1. Opens up in Ms Word straight away.
2. Easy to follow guide. 
3. Start writing your test cases in a couple of minutes.
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